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topic posted Sat, September 6, 2003 - 2:46 AM by  blue
Post a brief description of Who you are, What region you reside and Your Interests, so we can locate like individuals to Chat! Whether it's romance, boredom or interests, there's a match to be found!
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  • bluevertical, architect+artist, hawaii, interested in anything creative! your welcome to chat - AOL: bluevertical11
    • Hi all..I am 31 , live in virginia and am interested in computers,music ( I play a few intruments..some fairly well, some not so well), art, poltics...if you care to chat i am BlytheRay on Aim, Rayman9223882 on yahoo, on msn messenger..and icq#153997242
    • Hello. I live in the UK. Interested in most things creative, especially gardening, love music ( especially classical), and all things volcanic/tectonic, love reading, ancient history, local history, and theatre.

      MSN name bobajobweed. I would love to hear from you.
  • great idea
    i come from Montréal, see my profile for interest
    • C-art-toon do you have ICQ, AOL or Yahoo? My MSN has been down. Not sure what's up(?) I'm on a mac and I use a multi-protocol client so it might be a bit. Off to bed now but leave me any other chat address and I'll drop you a line when I'm back on.
      Welcome! ... peace
      • who am i

        im *safe solvent, im living in downtown Montreal!
        my interests are many, and like most can be seen in my profile.

        the important ones are cloud formations, vulnerable mediums, and empty bones.

        icq: 45754032
      • Unsu...
        hey, Bluevertical. I use Trillian, a multi-protocol chat client for win32 and MSN has been blocking alternative clients on their network for 'security' reasons. It looks like MS is forcing chatters to make a choice, but they may not like the decision.
  • Unsu...
    John LeMasney, Levittown in PA, art, design, computers, open source software, etc. Links and more in my profile. Feel free to chat with me at

    AIM jwlemasney
    Yahoo lemasney
    msn lemasney
  • D.
    offline 44
    Hello there. My name is Dyan. I recently moved to Huntington Beach, CA from Dallas, TX. I am a laboratory manager and lead researcher for a biotech company in Laguna Hills.

    As for interests, they are varied and many. When I have the time I enjoy outdoor activities, photography, traveling, reading, attending performances, herpetology, fine food and wine and dancing, to name a few.

    I am cd_cloyd on YM. It is the one I use the most.

    Take Care,
  • Kev
    offline 3
    Kev aka Padds from Hampshire U.K here, just a short hop across the pond from most of you guys.
    I've become a lot more open minded this past year, enjoy meeting people from different walks of life around the globe. I enjoy drinking Beer and talking rubbish ( Bluevertical can vouch for that ;-) ). Thought id just hello anyhow. Peace...
  • Great idea for a Tribe. I live south of Los Angeles, about 15 minutes from Disneyland. I enjoy reading, sports, politics, the outdoors, and movies. I am multilingual as I can communicate via several IM programs.

    AIM: xzchief
    MSN: xzchief
    Yahoo: xzchief
    ICQ: 5457011
  • Hello, my name is Ali Kuli Aminuddin. I am 41 and I live in Lahore, Pakistan. I went to William and Mary, Va, and I worked successfully as a door to door salesman in the Seattle, WA area (Yakima/Winatchi) when I was a college student.

    I have lived in NYC for 7 years and had a mail order business with my brother. I moved back to Pakistan in 91, home is home.

    I am currently a CEO in a land development company and of a chain of 10 laundry shops. In both, we are number one (talk about blowing your own horn)

    I live in a farm house with 3 rottwiellers (sorry cat people) and a baby crow. I will post pictures of my farm house and its surroundings shortly.

    I would like to bring Pakistan to life for everyone, make it a little more than everyone sees on CNN. Its a great place to live!
    • Hey Ali!

      Sounds like you've done a lot.

      What's your chat handle?

      And a baby crow? You have to tell us more about that.

      : )
      • Hello Silus

        What is a chat handle?

        Thanks for your interest in Mooshoo. He is doing well. I have posted some new pictures. He had been sick and all his joints were swollen on his left side. All the way from the shoulder bone to his knee. I guess thats why he was thrown out of his nest and I got him!

        Are you interested in birds? And do you have pets? Its a great stress reliever. Animals are a blessing just like children. A great way to land on your feet at the end of the day.
    • Hello Ali,
      Pakistan must be a wonderful place. I have a computer friend who also lives in Lahore and is going to collage there. I have been sending him books to help him out.He wants to be a special ed teacher. We have been talking for about a year now. But he is busy with exams so I have not heard from him to much lately. He is such a nice young man.
      One of my wishes is to be there when he graduates, but I don;t see that happening.But it sure sounds like a nice place to be.It would be nice to have two friends in Lahore.
      • Hello Beth

        Thanks for your post! I live near the airport in Lahore and it is one of the most beautiful cities of Pakistan. It has a canal cutting through it and has a tropical climate. My father tells me, long time ago it was like a tropical forrest with animals etc... all that of course is gone.

        If you ever do make it here, I think you will have a wonderful time. Pakistan is truly a hidden treasure. Very few people get to experience it.

        Consider me in your "friends" group please.
  • Unsu...
    LA girl, into writing, riding my scooter, living by the beach in search of interesting people to chat with.

    aim: fortythreeseven
  • Mo
    offline 5
    hey all,
    i'm monica in houston, tx. i am unemployed at the time so gots lots of time to kill. but working on changin' that. anywho....if ya see me online--don't be shy.......
  • My Tribe handle is Roger Mexico, but my nom du reality is Jerry. I can be reached via AIM or iChat @ Check my profile for interests an whatnot.

  • Unsu...
    Hello everyone, I am English, a painter, designer, photographer, I love animals and nature.
    I used to be on AOL....and miss chatting.
    This is another good idea from Bluevertical!;)thanks.

    serezen - aim
    zennela - yahoo
    • Hello all, first some advise for those seeking it. Trillian 2.0 is great but AIM is already fighting them for use, and I'm sure MSN and Yahoo will be soon. I've been using Global IM, same thing really, but noone has fought it yet, that I'm aware of.

      I'm Tommy, I live in Monterey CA. I have the coolest job in the world(I work for Xbox, testing new games.) I like Games, cars, motorcycles, movies, music, chatting, and SPIDERS!!

      YIM - aspiderfreak
      MSNIM - aspiderfreak
      AIM - aspiderfreak35

      usually evenings.
  • Rob
    offline 7
    Hey all... I'm Rob from Indianapolis... I'm usually online during the morning/afternoon while at work... I IM out of utter boredom at work... Drop me a line if you're bored and we can chat...

    Yahoo - Eamon1916

  • Dave aka DQ from San Jose, CA USA

    Jaded ex-raver semi-alcoholic IT workin single dad. I am big time caught up with movies and music [leanings include electronic (techno, downtempo, house, IDM), metal (grind, death, whatever), hip hop, and various other stuff. I take my brain like I take my politics (LEFT). I will gladly discuss: p2p, xbox, news, elections, erections, deflections, corrections, morality, orality, parenthood, hollywood, clitoral hoods, and altered states of consciousness.

    If you wear leather pants when you go out, please do not message me. If you wear fuzzy pants when you go out, make sure you drink plenty of water and take breaks. And ditch the glowsticks, seriously now, this is 2003.

    I am often grumpy. I am seldom lumpy.
    My wallet is not Donald Trump-y.
  • Alan Cohen - teacher and community activist.

    Yahoo IM: acohen843
    • Rob
      offline 7
      "Tipped our hats to Mr. Cohen,
      Dear old Times Square favorite bard..."
      -- The Pogues "Fairytale of New York City"

      Every once in a while a song will pop in my head...
      • DJ
        offline 5
        Hey Everyone...

        I'm DJ, and from the looks of things, I may be your senior member here. But...that's OK...I love to chat too! I spend most of my time on the road, and on the computer due to my career choice, which is a telecom consultant. Then, when I'm not working, I'm graphics, art, music, poetry, photography (for my computer graphics).

        I also like to shoot pool, go to the movies, and drive...

        I also am a user and love it except for a few little 'bugs', but the convenience of having all 6 of my IMs in one program is well worth the little bit of hassle.

        I do limit personal chat to two though...

        Please email me first if you're interested in chatting...introduce yourself and that this is where you saw me...otherwise, I won't accept it. (Sorry..too many weirdos out there.)

        Happy Holidays Everyone!
  • Unsu...
    I am a 32 year old male from western North Carolina. I am interested in sports, science fiction, history, food, and sexy women ;)

    ICQ 134247471
    Yahoo jasonbondshow
    AIM jasonbondshow
  • I'm new to, but my name's Lori, I'm from Anchorage, Alaska. My passion is to travel and see the world. I enjoy watching people, meeting people, and just experiencing as much as I can. AOL is sweetntangyskit and I hope to talk to as many of you as I can.
  • Hi Everyone,

    My name is Ron.. I live in Cary, NC. Love to chat, computers,dogs, skydive,workout.. I try to keep myself busy,but at times I am bored LOL. My passion in life is computers and my babies(dogs)..If intersed in chatting, drop me a line..I love to talk!! Take care,everyone..
  • Unsu...
    hi, i'm kristine from the Philippines...a college student. just here to meet new friends from everywhere... have a nice day!

    yahoo: kristine_ledesma18
  • Me
    offline 67
    hi, i'm amy aka theatregrrl...
    i'm in philly...
    my interests run wide, just check out my profile and tribes...
    feel free to drop me an IM
    AIM amy0673 or LadyFiona215 (depending on my mood)
    yahoo amy0673
  • I'm not quite sure who I am at the moment--going through a shift in my reality, hopefully becoming a better person.

    I live in Los Angeles, California with my two cats, Thor & Luna. I'm a writer/editor and Macaholic (among many, many other things).

    I would love to exchange some witty banter, deep philosophies, intelligent conversation and recipes!

    AIM: RatiViolet
    YM: RatiViola

    New friends are always welcomed!
  • Unsu...
 i like art museums and music talk to you soon...hopefully
    • Unsu...
      Balloonhedz~codename Michael
      Noo Yawk City
      bout to turn 43 (going on 13...oh noooo PUBERTYS COMING!!~)
      food, photography, NYC stuff, museums, volunteer work, fire stuff (fighting it and performance with it), freaks, geeks, balloons, burlesque/sideshow/fetish stuff etc etc

      if you dont see what you like...ask for it!~

      Yahoo: balloonhedz_nyc
      AOLIM: IRTSubwaypix

      do me a fave though...if youre gonna contact me out there please drop me a message here first...I like to know whos coming to visit.
  • Aimee
    Paris, France

    Likes to chat to make international friends, not looking to hook up with anyone. :)

    Love to discuss: Music, literature, cinema, art, fashion, food, coffee, history, anime, k-pop, Wong Kar Wai, random stuff...

    Aim: putyourflareon
    yim: putyourflareon

    Talk to you soon, i hope.
  • Drew, Venice Beach. A am a greagrious recluse and troublemaker, and like to examine life, get different perspectives and engage in sagacious palaver.

    AIM: culturalnadir
  • James - Indiana. Im married so im not looking for anything but a few new people to chat with. In to sports , games, movies, pretty much anything fun

    aim xMasterChosenx
    Yahoo Masterchosen
  • Hello all,
    I'm Lance and I live in Montreal which is a great place to live even if it's completely covered in EVIL snow right now. You can check out my profile or drop me a line. I'm interested just about anything so feel free to say hello.

    Yahoo: lans_ca
  • OK here is goes ;)

    Aled - Software Architect. Originally from the UK, but now
    live in Los Angeles. Interests include Music, Photography, Travel, Books, Film, Art, Culture and Media. Here to expand social circle and meet interesting people with similar interests.

    AIM: aleddavieswb
    yahoo: aleddavieswb
  • I am Andrew Australia.

    Yahoo Messenger: afr2
    MSN Messenger: afr222222

    My interests include flowers, Australia, and art, each of which I have a Yahoo group for.
    If you click on the above, then click JOIN THIS GROUP, you can see my art in the PHOTOS section of group. The JOIN THIS GROUP button is on the top right of the page, and the PHOTOS button is on the left in the middle of the page.
    If you click on the above, then click JOIN THIS GROUP, you can see my flowers in the PHOTOS section of group. The JOIN THIS GROUP button is on the top right of the page, and the PHOTOS button is on the left in the middle of the page.
    If you click on the above, then click JOIN THIS GROUP, you can see my Australia shots in the PHOTOS section of the group – my desert sculpture shots are in the NSW – Broken Hill folder. The JOIN THIS GROUP button is on the top right of the page, and the PHOTOS button is on the left in the middle of the page.


    • Hello.
      Im from South Eastern Illinois. I am a single parent of a 6yr old baby girl and I work in a refinery(for the time being). I have to many interests to mention but a few would be music,just about anything out doors, making my computer run faster,working in the garden where I grow, umm, lots of good things and just meeting new people.
      Im on Yahoo.....lj1paul(im)..... (mail)

  • 'ola!

    gurl_vanilla for yahoo, msn...

    • Good Morning All,
      My name is Heather and I live in Denver Colorado. My interests vary though astrology, mythology, psychology and sociology are my more personal daily interests. Im into the human psyche and I love to learn about history thru artifacts. Im a traveler and a learner of life. Thought I would introduce myself...

      AOL: HeatherCundari
      Yahoo: (3 different ones) always_a_badgirl21, BiPersephone,


      I rarely use msn...I prefer my aol and yahoo.

      Feel free to Message me anytime though I might not be at the computer. I will get back to you. Enjoy this great day everyone. TGIF!!!

      • Hey there,

        name is Crystal
        Currantly living on East Coast from West Coast ocean land.
        Intrest are; Art, Travel, exploring, Adventure, Healing, Music, Reading, Good Food, Great Friends, Heat from the sun, Cold from the ocean...
        What I do?...I fly.

        IM's MSN~ crydwn
        AOL~ crydwn
  • I am Marshall from Central NJ. My interests a few of which I have on my profile, are fairly vast and varried. I am a currious person and interested in just about everything. I like the chat as a change of pace from the people I see everday who talk about the same old things (SOS).
    On Yahoo: IzzyNJ AOL: IzzyUnplugged
  • Hi everyone <waves> I am blu live in ohio, but trying to change that and get home to New Orleans soon. umm i am just a domestic goddess, barefoot kitchen witch, who loves plants, animals, books, herbs, playing online.
  • Hi all,

    My name is Johnny, and I'm from Boston.

    AIM: SpaceCadet185

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!
    • I'm Bertrand
      Yahoo messenger : artistfr or lemoox
      I am from Paris and into painting
      love to chat and share creatives things or just casual ones

      welcome to take a peek in my album
      or on
      take care everyone
      • Hello everyone,

        I'm Susan, AKA Bobs,live in the south of England, and am interested in most things creative, especially my garden, and other peoples, also anything geosciences, good books, good converstation, and good company.

        My MSN 'handle is bobajobweed, I look forward to hearing drom you.

        • There is nothing like reviving a dead thread... :)
          My name is Storm and im from Long Island, NY. I am a student of life, studying out of Stony Brook University. I love to talk about pretty much everything :) So if you are interested in chatting with me, feel free to Im me through AIM @ Stormheaven. I rarely use MSN but if you try to reach me there, use the same name :)
  • Hello All...

    I live in Las Vegas...I work full time and go to school full time (currently taking this summer off so I don't go totally nuts). I'm usually online at night after work to relax since everyone I know has normal hours...If you're up and feel like chatting-IM me...but make sure to tell me you're a tribe member ;)
    AIM Snarf1216
  • i'm sweet2meat ohio like to chat and meet new people like computers auctions research music whatever strike the mood.
    • hey everyone~

      when i was eight years old i kicked over an ant hill ... still working on forgiving myself and haven't killed a bug since ... i live in san francisco ... photographer and waitress ... i'm curious about most other things and all beings ... community is very important to me ... my profile tells a little more ...


      • sheesh!
        aim: AunteeRuthie
        • Unsu...
          So i decided to wait until the very end of this post... or at least until it got exceedingly long because the last one of these kinda did nothing...
          Name: Evan AKA Dirt
          Age: 21
          Sex: Male
          Interests: Billiards, Poetry, Drinking, Clubbing, and a varity of other things, i find interest in most anything... LOL the pleasure or A.D.D.
          AIM: MadManOfTheDirt
          Yahoo: DirtyLittleWolf <<<<<< i never use yahoo i hate it
          • I'm Marc, 32 year old in Long Beach CA, mdx71 on Yahoo messenger, drop me a line if you want to say hi
            • Unsu...
              I am courtney I am from Arizona. I am intersted art, music, photography, and life. I am also intersrted in meeting new people. my yahoo im is tomboycourti
              • Unsu...
                Hi all! Irish guy here. I am interested in art, music, photography, travel and, of course, meeting new people too!
                Only have msn and it's my handle:)
                • hhmmm im tried might go to bed , im in ozzy (australaiaiai) and yer have heaps of intrests (but dont like fucked up war loving wankers , heheh yay)ask me and i will answer , yay
  • Hi, my names Dave :) I'm in the pacific north west, and during the work day, I often have time on my hands and love to chat with people about just about anything... I love to make new friends of any type, though for some reason I tend to get along with women better... lol I'm a sysadmin, poly, and have too wide a range of interestests to list them :P

  • christopher/prefer chris. Sports, movies, family, friends, other outdoor stuff, home, road trips (if money allows), etc.

    SE/SC Michigan.
    • I have a yahoo account and this. If some is interest talking I will give to private. thru the tribe mail.
      • Unsu...
        Hi I'm Keith in Concord, CA. I semi-retired last month. The extra days I work is to pay for my trips planned next year. In January I'm going to Costa Rica, and in July to Panama. Some Americans retire to those countries because the cost of living is so much cheaper. I love travel, surfing the web, and bicycling. Also Israeli and Contra folk dancing. I'm lonely too and looking for a wife! israelidancer on Yahoo IM
  • Harry- I live in a small small village in Central Illinois starting a micro coffee roastery and many other diverse interests.

    I really like meeting new people on IM. Been doing it long enough to not worry if we don't long term connect. No harm no foul as they say. Never know though if you don't try.

    Besides the coffee I am a web and graphic designer - database guru - marketing genius - and all around interesting kinda fellow.

    You can IM me at the following. Depending on your mood.

    finestjava yahoo
    finestjava aim
    truetruelove4u aim
    w9hgo aim oh yes I also am a Amatuer Radio fan
    harryohoh aim
    kiss_you_now yahoo
    and the grandaddy but not my first choice 24787656 ICQ

    Look forward to IM'ng with you

  • Michigan, United States

    Sports, TV/Movies, Music.
    • Hi, I'm Dave,
      I just switched from the dark side to the Mac. But, the journey into the light is not without some difficulty.
      I used to use Microsoft Instant Messenger, but now the Mac's using IChat.
      I set up an AIM account through their web interface, but I'm not sure at all how to use the Chat interface.
      Any help will be appreciated. I'm a Middle school Science teacher, musician-drummer, and love my new Mac.
      AIM: windhorsage

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